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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a smart home?
    A smart home is a home or commercial building equipped with internet-connected devices that integrate to make your life easier. Have you ever been in a house where seemingly every device was connected to the internet—from the kitchen appliances to the entertainment devices?
    That would be an example of a smart home.
  • How many Mbps do I need for a smart home?
    The more smart home devices you add to your internet connection, the more speed you will need to support good performance. If you are a heavy internet user looking to build the ultimate smart home, check to see if plans powered AT&T Fiber are available in your area. Plans powered by AT&T Fiber can provide connection speeds of 1000Mbps1
  • Do smart home devices slow down Wi-Fi?
    Every home internet connection will have a maximum amount of usage that it can support at any given time, so the more devices you connect at once, the more your connection will start to slow down. This is why any smart home is ultimately only as smart as your internet.
  • What are some examples of smart home devices?
    Smart home devices include smart speakers, home security cameras, keyless entry systems, smart thermostats, connected kitchen appliances, smart TVs, and even smart home lighting.
  • Does AT&T sell smart home devices?
    Yes, you can buy smart home devices on the AT&T website.
  • How do you set up a smart home?
    Building a great smart home starts with setting up the right home internet connection. Then you can add your own collection of connected devices and keep them organized and running smoothly using the AT&T Smart Home Manager.

Upgrade your home to a smart home

Get smart about Wi-Fi

Smart home devices are here to make your life easier. From monitoring your home to turning on lights and controlling your garage, a wide variety of smart home devices are on the market. To use these devices, you’re going to need dependable Wi-Fi?. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi provides a reliable connection to your entire home.1 The AT&T Wi-Fi gateway uses our most advanced Wi-Fi technology to power consistent wall-to-wall Wi-Fi. It’s designed to seamlessly support a home full of smart devices and your most demanding Wi-Fi connections .2 Once you have your smart devices up and running, you can manage them with our intelligent Smart Home Manager app.3 Parental controls feature included.4 The app lets you to track data usage by device. It also lets you manage screen time, set daily limits, and control who can get on your network.5 If you’re ready to give your home a smart upgrade, take a look at our internet packages. Find the best one for you.

Accessories for your connected home

Smart home devices include digital assistants, Bluetooth speakers, video doorbells, smart TVs, security systems, and any other device you can connect to the internet for an automated home system.

Manage your smart home

Once your internet and Wi-Fi network are set up, you can see all your connected smart devices with our Smart Home Manager app. Check to make sure your network is running properly, update passwords, and of course manage your smart devices.

1Reliability claim excludes DSL. Based on network availability. Whole-home Wi-Fi connectivity may require AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender(s), sold separately. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi requires installation of a BGW210, 5268AC, or NVG599 Wi-Fi gateway (standard with internet plans 12Mbps or higher).

2Whole home Wi-Fi connectivity may require AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender(s), sold separately. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi requires installation of a BGW210, 5268AC, or NVG599 Wi-Fi gateway (standard with internet plans 12Mbps or higher).

3AT&T Smart Home Manager is available to AT&T Internet service customers with a compatible AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway. Limited to home Wi-Fi network.

4Parental Controls feature available with BGW210, 5268AC and NVG599 Wi-Fi Gateways.?

5Data Usage feature available with BGW210, 5268AC, NVG599 and NVG589 Wi-Fi Gateways.