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Get a new SIM kit for your existing phone for $0.99—plus skip the $15 activation fee—when you sign up for an AT&T PREPAIDSM plan online.
Ends 11/12/20. Online only. First mo. svc. charge & applicable sales tax due at sale. Excludes upgrades. Other fees, charges & restr’s apply. See details
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    $33/mo. for 8GB

    Get 8GB of high-speed data each month for 3 months when you pay $99 in advance.


    $25/mo. for 8GB

    Get 8GB of high-speed data each month for 12 months when you pay $300 in advance.

AT&T 5G. Now nationwide.
Fast. Reliable. Secure. Enjoy 5G connectivity on our Unlimited Plus plan.

AT&T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G not available everywhere. Go to? details

After 22GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.


AT&T PREPAID? plans allow you to pay for usage in advance without tying you up in an annual contract. Find the perfect AT&T PREPAID? plan to do what you love, with plans that let you stream, watch, and stay connected – all on the nation’s best network.1

Experience the freedom of?AT&T PREPAID?. Get the data you need with no annual contract and no credit check. Plus, no activation fee when you order online. Other advantages include easy activation, multiple great plan choices, and the option to save money with AutoPay.

Why AT&T Wireless?

Whether you’re looking for a AT&T PREPAID? plan or a more traditional wireless contract, AT&T has the nation’s best and also fastest network.2 This means that you’ll have the fast, reliable service you need to do more of what you enjoy.


AT&T BYOD is a program that lets you bring your own compatible, unlocked phone to the AT&T network. Getting started is easy. You don’t need an annual contract, and there’s no activation fee when ordering online. All you need is a compatible device, an AT&T SIM card, and an AT&T PREPAID? plan.?

Find the perfect cell phone plan

AT&T PREPAID? has multiple great plans to choose from as well as more affordable plans to meet your budget. Check to find out which AT&T PREPAID? plan is right for you.?

If you don’t already own a device, you can also purchase one with your plan. We provide options from top brands, including Samsung and LG.?

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of AT&T PREPAID?
    With AT&T PREPAID service for your phone, you get: no annual contract, no credit check, easy activation, and great plan and phone choices to fit your needs—all on the nation’s best network (Best Network claim is based on 2018 & 2019 GWS OneScore).
  • Can I bring my own phone to use with a prepaid plan?
    Yes. Bring your compatible unlocked device and save on the cost of a new one. You’ll just need to purchase an AT&T PREPAID SIM card.
  • How do I get AutoPay savings?
    All our monthly PREPAID plans offer AutoPay discounts; the savings amount varies by plan, and the amount may change during special promotions. While customers with multi-month plans can enroll in AutoPay, multi-month plans don't offer a discount for using AutoPay—just the convenience of having your multi-month plan automatically renew after your term is up. Only our prepaid pay-per-use plans do not qualify for AutoPay services and discounts. See for details.