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Learn about AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extenders

Get Wi-Fi coverage in more areas of your home. Stream when and where you want with a Smart Wi-Fi extender.




How Smart Wi-Fi Extenders work

Tired of Wi-Fi? dead zones? Smart Wi-Fi Extenders connect to your Wi-Fi gateway (NVG599, 5268AC, BGW210, or BGW320), creating a mesh network that extends your Wi-Fi signal to more areas of your home. You can stream music and videos with less buffering, on more devices, and in locations you couldn’t before.

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Device connections

Your Wi-Fi gateway and the Smart Wi-Fi Extender use the same network info. That means you connect a new tablet, smartphone, or laptop to your Wi-Fi network with an extender the same way you connect to your gateway. Just enter your Wi-Fi network name and password.?

You can even connect devices like smart TVs, media players, and gaming systems to the extender with an Ethernet cable.

Good to know: Want to manage your network from your phone or computer? It’s easy. Learn how to use the Smart Home Manager.
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See if you need a Smart Wi-Fi Extender

If you have an NVG599, 5268AC, BGW210, or BGW320 Wi-Fi gateway, an extender can help cover Wi-Fi dead zones. To find out if a Wi-Fi extender can help:
  1. Go to the Smart Home Manager.
  2. Select Help, then type or say Do I Need Smart Wi-Fi Extenders?
  3. Follow the prompts. We’ll let you know if an extender can help in your home.

If you’re ready, order a Smart Wi-Fi extender or get setup info.
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